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The AMTI Gen5 plugin supports the Gen5 USB Driver 1.0 (June 2010) and newer.

AMTI Gen5 Type6

The AMTI Gen5 Type6 plugin supports the same hardware/software as the AMTI Gen5 plugin but allows force plates to be formatted as a Type 6 force plate.

Bertec AM6X00

The Bertec AM6X00 plugin supports Bertec Force Plates with software versions 1.0.0 or newer.

C3D File

The C3D file plugin supports c3d files formatted according to

CEN File

The CEN File plugin supports .cen files which were recorded by 2D cameras and which have the position, width and height of centroids recorded.


The MAC Cortex plugin supports Cortex v3.x and v4.1 or newer.

NaturalPoint Motive


The Myon plugin is under development for Myon products.

NDI First Principles

The NDI First Principles plugin supports First Principles real-time protocol v1.2.2 or newer.

NP OptiTrack

The NP OptiTrack plugin provides support for the following NaturalPoint™ OptiTrack™ camera systems:



This plugin is up to date with the camera SDK version 1.7.5.

Qualisys QTM

The Qualisys QTM plugin supports QTM real-time protocol v1.8 or newer.

Vicon DataStream

The Vicon DataStream plugin supports Nexus v1.7.x, v1.8.x, 2.0, and 2.1 and Tracker 1.3, and 2.0.


The x-io plugin supports x-IMUs.

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