The essential tool for verifying forces with motion capture systems.

CalTester is a laboratory quality assurance tool for validating the laboratory settings of force plates, instrumented treadmills, and motion capture systems by verifying the spatial synchronization of your motion capture systems and forces.

It was originally developed for laboratory accreditation efforts because accurate and reliable kinematics and kinetics data are essential to movement analysis data in research settings.

Errors in parameter settings or input calibration measurements will lead to incorrect values for kinematic and/or kinetic variables calculated during a movement analysis. CalTester will find those errors.

CalTester should be used before each motion capture session to validate laboratory settings. This simple test takes only a few minutes, and should be performed prior to any data collection to provide reassurance that your data collection will be sound.

The CalTester rod and software is $1895 USD plus shipping.

CalTester Software.

Calculates the rod’s orientation and tip position from the force platform data and compares these measurements to the motion capture data’s orientation and position.

The degree of agreement between these two independent measurements provides an assessment of the relevant C3D parameters.

The resulting report can then be examined and any problems found can be corrected and documented to maintain a record of the laboratories’ status.   Learn More...


CalTester Hardware.

The CalTester rod is placed on the force plate or treadmill with a plate on the top and bottom to focus the forces at the end points. A good deal of pressure should be used to push down and move the rod around while capturing the motion.