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Listed bellow are the solutions to common problems that have been reported to the C-Motion support team. For step-by-step instructions on how to use the various features available in Inspect3D visit our Inspect3D tutorials page. If you have a problem that has not been covered below or in the Inspect3D Tutorials feel free to e-mail the support team at

Data Missing Graph

If you plot your raw data in the general graph and end up with a straight line at -999 999.0, then there is data missing from you query.


There are three ways to deal with the missing data.

1 Open the Options Dialogue and deselect the Show data not found checkbox - then refresh the graph.

2. Select the line at the bottom of the graph and remove it using right click -> Exclude -> Exclude trace (raw data).

3. Change the minimum and maximum values for the y-axis by opening the Options dialogue -> Plot Style -> Change the y-axis minimum and maximum to numbers that are reasonable for the data that you are graphing. For the example below a minimum of -1.00 and a maximum of 2.00 is reasonable.


Show Video Missing Video

If you are using Inspect3D on a virtual machine (such as Parallels) and you open the Show Video dialogue will not be able to see the video display. This is a known limitation of the virtual machine setup. The Video Dialogue will look like the dialogue displayed below.


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