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The Inspect3D screen is divided into two parts with each part having a number of tabs to navigate between. The parts and tabs of the screen can be manipulated and reorganized by (1) dragging on the edges of the part, (2) clicking on the undock button at the top right of the section, or (3) dragging the undocked section to somewhere else on the screen.

Screen Parts

1. Tool Bar

2. Query Graphs

3. PCA Graphs


Shortcut Keys

There are a number of shortcuts that can be used when navigating Inspect3D.

Alt + Click - This combination allows the user to deselect the data that has been selected on the graph.

Control + Click - This combination draws a line on the graph perpendicular to the x-axis and gives a list that includes - the position on the x-axis, as well as the following for each of the data lines that are intersected: group name, subject name, c3d file name, fame numbers, and the y-axis value at the intersection.

Double Click - This combination rescales the graph to fill the whole screen.

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