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Introduction / Login

NOTICE: The prior Inertia application has been replaced with an Internet based on-line version.

The application requires a license key to operate, and it can be found at

The login screen only requires the license key, which is provided by C-Motion when access to the application is purchased. The license is only saved on the PC as a web cookie for a few hours, so save it carefully to keep running the application.


Subject Buttons

The Inertia program has two major sections. On the left of the screen is the Subject Data section which allows the user to load and save the subject data that is entered and used on the right side of the screen. Sample data is provided by default. The buttons with subject identifiers (like "Sample Subject") load the data into the form on the right for all 3 data entry tabs. The "Clear Subject Data" button simply clears out the form. The blue "Save" button on the right side will create a cookie and and add a button on the left with whatever Name/Identifier you have specified. This lets you load and then modify data as needed.

The import/export sections let you keep your data off-line in comma-delimited text files. Subject data is stored as cookies while you use the application, so saving data can avoid the chore of re-entering the data each time. The application requires that ALL data fields in the first 3 tabs be filled in.

On the right of the screen are a set of three tabs which allow the user to input subject information, subject metrics and retrieve calculated metrics. Hover the mouse over the pointer finger icons to see an illustration of each measurement field.


Subject Data

The right side of the screen is used to input the measurements that you have taken of a subject.

The fields at the top are critical, and the 3 tabs (Torso, Arms, Legs) are for the input of anthropometric measurements. All fields must be filled in for the calculations to work.

The forth tab shows the resulting inertial properties once you click the "Calculate Inertial Values" button. The export buttons save the results as text files, in the same format(s) as the earlier application.

The pink area at the top is where warning or error messages about the data you've entered. Any system errors appear here too.


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