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System Requirements

IORgait Hardware Requirements

IORgait runs most effectively on computers with the most CPU, and RAM as possible. The lower the capacity of the computer the slower the reaction time when entering data and generating reports.

IORgait Software Requirements

IORgait can be operated on computers running Micorsoft Windows Vista Windows 7, and newer versions. At this time IORgait is not compiled for operating systems other than Windows.

In order to successfully create and display a report you must have the following installed:

Download Software

1. Go to *

2. Enter long information

If you have any trouble logging in, please e-mail with your lab name


3. Click the Download Button to save the Visual3DServer installation file.

Most web browsers will offer you a choice of where to save the downloaded file.
Make sure you remember where you save the downloaded file.

4. Make note of the License Key number

The license key will not be necessary when installing updates


Run the installation executable file you downloaded.

* Save old installation files


When you run the executable file that you downloaded you will be guided though the following steps:


1. Confirm that you trust the source of the program you are installing.

Select Run in order to continue installing IORgait.


2. Setup - IORgait dialog should appear

Click Next > to continue

3. Read the licensing agreement.

When finished, click
"I accept the agreement"
"Next >"

4. Review updates for any fixes relevant to your purposes

When finished:
Click "Next >"

5. Select Destination for installation files

The default is generally "C:\Program Files\IORgait" and this should not be modified unless the user has a very good reason
When finished
Click "Next >"

6. Select Start Menu Folder

On your start menu, the application will be stored in this folder
When finished:
Click "Next >"

7. Select Additional Tasks (create shortcut)

If you would like a shortcut on your desktop, check "Create desktop icon"
When finished, click "Next >"

8. Click Install

9. Wait as the program completes installation.

If you press Cancel during this process the installation process will be stopped.


11. When the Completed dialogue appears IORgait has been successfully installed on your computer.

Determine if you want IORgait to open automatically after installation
Click Finish


Activation / Deactivation

The first time that you attempt to use IORgait you will need to activate the program. The instructions for activating IORgait are listed below, once the program is activated you will not need to repeat these steps again unless the program is deactivated. Each of the Licensing keys can only be used on one computer at a time. If you wish to use the Licensing key on another computer you will need to deactivate IORgait on the computer that the Licensing key is being used on (instructions are below.) You can then use that key to activate the program on another computer.


To activate the software:

1. Open IORgait

IORgait can be opened using the desktop icon (if created)
Or from the start menu


2. Enter the license key

The license key is a string of four sets of four numbers (ie. ####-####-####-####)
You MUST enter the dashes ("-") in the license key
The license key is provided in the initial e-mail with your log in information
The license key is also provided in the downloads page


3. Click Activate

IORgait will automatically activate if it can find a connection to the internet
If IORgait cannot automatically activate, you will automatically be prompted to complete a manual activation.


Manual Activation

There are times that IORgait will not be able to do an automatic activation (the computer is offline, a firewall prevents connection, etc.). When this occurs, IORgait will prompt the user to complete a manual activation.

1. E-mail Activation Message

Email the entire message to

2. Enter Activation Code

Copy the entire code received from C-Motion into the dialog


3. Successful Activation

Once the successful activation message appears, click "OK"
If an error message appears, please contact




1. Open IORgait

2. Go to Help

3. Select About


4. Click Deactivate Application


5. Complete deactivation:

1. Complete Automatic Deactivation:
If the computer is connected to the internet, deactivation will occur automatically. Click "OK"


2. Complete Manual Deactivation:
If the computer is NOT connected* to the internet, a deactivation message will appear. This message must be sent to to remove the computer from the list of active computers.


*Sometimes IORgait will not be able to connect to the internet due to firewalls or other restrictions, and a manual deactivation will occur. If the deactivation message appears, it must be sent to support.


If you want to completely remove IORgait from your computer you will need to uninstall it.

1. Close IORgait completely.

2. Click on the bottom left of your screen in order to open the Start menu.


3. Click on "All Programs" and navigate to the folder named IORgait.

4. Expand the IORgait folder.

5. Click on the Uninstall IORgait.exe


6. Confirm that you wish to remove IORgait from your computer.

Select Yes to continue

7. IORgait will confirm that you wish to remove IORgait from your computer.

Select Yes to continue.


8. IORgait will be uninstalled when the green bar reached 100%.

If you press Cancel during this process the uninstallation process will be stopped, and some files may remain on your computer


9. You will then get a message stating that IORgait has been successfully removed from your computer.


NOTE: If you do not close IORgait before uninstalling, you will get an error message (shown right). This means that some but not all components have been uninstalled, the remaining files need to be deleted manually.


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