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This tutorial walks through the steps to generate a gait report using the provided C3D files.

After completing the tutorial, the subject's report should be created (an example of the completed reports can be found here). An ODT and CMO file should be created. The ODT file is an OpenOffice file which may be opened using Microsoft Office Word or OpenOffice Writer. The CMO file is a Visual3D file, which contains the full analysis. To view a CMO file, you can download the free CMO viewer.

Sample Files

This tutorial is described using the sample files provided by C-Motion. These sample files are saved on your computer during the IOR installation:

These sample files may also be downloaded here.

Before IORGait

The following steps have already been completed for you in the sample files, however, if you were creating your own files, you would need to complete these steps.

Before bringing files into IORGait, the data must be:
1) Collected
- The requirements for the data collection process is described here
2) Identified
- IORGait requires data to be in the C3D file format to process the data
- This means the data must be reconstructed and the targets identified in your motion capture software (AMASS/Nexus/QTM etc.)

Create Gait Report

1. Open IOR Gait


2. Create New Subject:


   1. Enter subject information

Identifier: 007
First Name: James
Last Name: Bond
Birth Date: 11 November 1920
Select Male
Group: All
   221b Baker Street, London NW 1
   6Xe, United Kingdom
Phone: 555-555-5555

   2. Click Save


NOTE: To enter the subject's birthdate, you can manually type the date, or open the calendar (click down arrow on right), and type the year.

3. Create New Session:


   1. Enter session information

Session Analysis Type: Gait
Date: 30 Nov 2014
Height: 1.2
Weight: 85
C3D Folder:
   example: \\psf\Home\Documents\IORSamples\IORgait
Static Trial: IORGait_Static01.c3d
Select Movement Trials:

   2. Click Save

NOTE: Report and CMO File will remain grayed out until the analysis has been completed using the Generate Report button.


4. Click Generate Report


5. Remove bad force assignments

   1. Click Continue

This set of sample files does not contain any bad force assignments.
If there were bad footstrikes, it would be necessary to remove assignments using this GUI. Instructions to do this can be found here.


6. Open Report
The report should open in Open Office
If the report does not open automatically, you can open the report by going to the subject's session and click "Open Report"
The report will also be saved in the C3D folder.


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