AMASS Troubleshooting

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AMASS Problems

AMASS does not recognize the calibration wand.

-- Often it means that the string of marker balls on the wand is upside down. There are tiny dots on the markers that should be facing the handle.

Release the tension in the wand. With the pin disengaged, hold the wand so that the cable is horizontal and below the wand frame. Dots on the markers should all be upwards. If they are not, twist the wand arm holding the pin by 360 degrees either left or right to get the correct dot alignment, then engage the pin into the slot.

AMASS is giving errors about a REF file or Marker file.

-- The project file likely is pointing to the wrong location. Edit the project file and on each tab with a file name, browse to it again as a way of resetting the location.

Feet seem to be a few centimeters below the floor.

-- The .ref file defining the L-Frame may be an older one that did not compenstate for the height of the markers on the frame. For example, the NaturalPoint L-Frame should have the following 3 markers defined:
0.0 0.0 43.0
300.0 0.0 43.0
0.0 400.0 43.0

The calibration seems to always fail.

-- AMASS has build-in thresholds for performance and accuracy. It the wand is not moved enough, or is not seen by enough cameras, or not covering enough of the volume, or not spun/twisted - then AMASS will not process the collected data. If you have more than 8 cameras, you may need more than 20 seconds to fully cover your volume. Make sure you don't miss covering near the floor too.

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