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AMASS is a software package for deriving the three-dimensional (3D) locations of passive targets (unidentified markers) imaged by any number of video cameras, and writing the identified data to file using the [C3D file format].


An introduction to the AMASS software system.

The AMASS shell program

The main program that provides access to all AMASS functions and parameters.

Camera data conversion

The conversion of raw camera data to .cen files used by AMASS.


A utility for examining raw camera data .cen files.

Camera system calibration

The very important camera system calibration process.


The utility for examining the results of a calibration.


The automatic 3D reconstruction and tracking program.


A utility for displaying the continuity of reconstructed marker trajectories.

Identification basics

An introduction to the marker trajectory labeling process.

Manual identification

A simple method for labeling marker trajectories.


The automated labeling of marker trajectories utilizing marker separations.


A utility to pass .c3d files to user specified analysis programs.
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